• 12 Dec 2016 - Alternative fuels and cleaner transport – from policy to reality

    Matthias Maedge, Chair of GasNaturally's Transport Taskforce speaking at the EurActiv workshop on Alternative Fuels and Celaner Transport - From Policy to Reality

    You can also watch the debate highlights and interviews here

  • 08 Jun 2016 - Gas: Europe's smart choice for heating
  • 02 Jun 2016 - Member States’ Gas Forum 2016 - Interview with our Chairman

    GasNaturally's chairman Francois-Regis Mouton speaks about gas' role in the future energy mix at the 5th annual Member States' Gas Forum, held 17 March 2016.

  • 20 Nov 2014 - Gas for Security of Supply

    “More than half of the EU gas consumption is supplied by EU countries and Norway. The rest comes from a dozen countries including Russia, Algeria and Qatar.”
    BP Statistical Review of Energy, 2014

    “A modern Combined Cycle Gas Turbine can be switched on in 30 to 60 minutes, much faster than any other comparable power plants. Open Cycle Gas Turbines can be switched on in 10-20 minutes”.
    Nuclear Energy and Renewables, OECD and NEA, 2012

  • 20 Nov 2014 - Gas for Competitiveness

    "What's more transporting gas throughout the EU can be up to 20 times cheaper than transporting the same amount of energy in the form of electricity."
    Gas Infrastructure Europe, 'GIE Key Messages on Energy Roadmap 2050', 2012

  • 20 Nov 2014 - Gas for a Clean Energy Future

    "Switching all coal-fired power plants to gas turbines, the EU would reduce its emissions by over 400 Million Tonnes of CO2, equivalent to about ten years of emission reductions from industry and utilities covered by the Emissions Trading System."
    GasNaturally, 2014

    "The latest gas-condensing boilers are over 20% more efficient than traditional boilers, while gas heat pumps are up to 90% more efficient."
    'Gas: the right choice for heating in Europe', Eurogas, September 2014 and Gas Heat Pumps - Efficient heating and cooling with natural gas, GasTerra