Gas and Industrial Innovation

The Industrial Strategy calls on the European industry to go through a deep transformation to lead the transition towards a climate-neutral and circular economy. The EU gas industry is committed to embrace this vision by securing EU’s leadership in developing cutting-edge technologies such as electrolysers, anaerobic digestors, and CO2 capture facilities. The latter can be part of the development of value chains where production of hydrogen from natural gas is combined with Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

 Launching a Clean Hydrogen Alliance represents a key opportunity for the EU to advance its efforts on decarbonising the energy system. The platform should incentivise research, development and implementation of technologies with proven track record in hydrogen production: carbon capture utilisation and storage, power-to-gas, as well as blending options. In addition to the environmental benefits, developing these technologies create local, high-skilled, non-seasonal jobs, which are crucial to boost the EU’s competitiveness while fostering a sustainable post-COVID economic recovery.