GasNaturally Press Release on the Communication on Save Gas for a Safe Winter

GasNaturally welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on “Save Gas for a Safe Winter,” aiming to ensure that the gas flows where it is most needed and protecting both the domestic users as well as European jobs and the economy in the spirit of European solidarity and cooperation.

While the European Gas Demand Reduction Plan contributes to eliminating dependence on Russian gas, GasNaturally believes the diversification of imports as well as – over the medium to long-term – the ramp-up of domestic production will play a critical role. We must also ensure the deployment of renewable gases in the EU market and renewable liquid gases in off-gas-grid rural areas, as they will be essential to achieve the ambitious climate commitments and support the workers and communities affected by possible energy disruptions.

Our industry remains available to policymakers and operators across the EU to coordinate on the policy measures required to mitigate negative impacts on businesses, households, and consumers.

At the same time, we remain committed to and are prepared to proactively deliver on the REPowerEU Plan and its ambition to increase the EU’s energy independence alongside the implementation of the Green Deal objectives to ensure a secure and just energy transition towards climate neutrality.