Press Release – GasNaturally President Re-elected

Wintershall Dea COO Dawn Summers re-elected as President of GasNaturally

Dawn Summers, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wintershall Dea, has been re-elected as President of GasNaturally, the partnership representing the European gas industry. Summers has been in this role for two years and will serve another term of two years as of January 2023. The Presidents of the member associations of GasNaturally have re-elected her. Summers has played a central role in representing GasNaturally vis-à-vis external stakeholders and shaped the agenda and positioning of the partnership’s engagement activities.

Following her reelection, Summers said: “I am delighted in the trust the members of GasNaturally have placed in me and look forward to working with all of them at this crucial point in time. At the moment, the diversification of gas and oil imports into the EU will and must be one of our main issues as an industry. At the same time, it is also important to continue on the path we have taken to tackle climate change.”

The gas industry must and will continue to demonstrate that it is a part of the future by helping to shape the fields of hydrogen and renewable gases as well as their dedicated infrastructure for industrial appliances, transport, and buildings, also by means of repurposing existing gas infrastructure. Dawn Summers: “As an industry we are solution-oriented, we take responsibility and can pull together with policy makers. With a variety of innovative technologies, the gas sector is well-equipped to contribute to the future and the vision of a climate neutral Europe.”

Dawn Summers has been the COO of Wintershall Dea since 1 June 2020 and is responsible for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. She has more than 25 years of international experience in the gas and oil sector, including with BP, Genel Energy, Origin Energy and Beach Energy.